" Bob has been a massive help for our organization. A busy medical group with partners, associates and increasing numbers of employees, we were in a bit of a mess with our previous business partners taking advantage of our busy clinical duties. Bob was able to help sell a part of the business that was causing us grief, achieved a good sale price and helped us exit. Then Bob helped us review our management structure, governance and direction. He has helped manage our interests in a property trust, has helped out with IT systems development and Chairs our director meetings. Bob's negotiation skills, governance, commercial and IT experience have proved invaluable to us"

" Bob was engaged to provide assistance with developing the strategy, structure and culture of our business during the early stages of a growth period. Bob offered his time and experience by way of a mentoring commitment which I found invaluable during my professional development journey. Unfortunately a few years later the market conditions changed, and business performance turned for the worse to the point where I found myself $500k in the red. With Bob's assistance, we developed and executed a 12-month turnaround plan setting the business up for, what was, a 20% year on year growth transformation strategy. Needless to say, we encouraged Bob to stay and appointed him as our Chair of the Board, since that time solid year on year organic growth has continued and across the last 4 years we have successfully concluded a number of acquisitions."

" I have known Bob Crabbe since May 2010 when he was appointed as an external Director to our practice. At the time there were multiple issues relating to expansion of our practice, relocation to a new purpose-built facility, and relations with both external and internal partnerships, which were causing considerable concern within our partnership. Bob came highly recommended by one of our partners, and his initial appointment contract was on a short-term basis."
" Thanks to his expertise and broad business knowledge, he helped us manage not only the immediate concerns, but provided a stable administrative and procedural environment, helped develop a consistent HR policy framework, and was a fount of knowledge with respect to correct corporate governance. Bob subsequently joined us as on a more permanent basis as external Director and and has guided us not only through the sale of part of our business and integration with new partners and associates, but has also been instrumental in the development of further expansion with the development of a new medical centre. It is always a pleasure to receive Bob Crabbe's wise counsel, delivered as it is, in a collegial and reassuring manner associated with a calm and authoritative persona that inspires confidence. I can vouch for Direct North Advisory and Bob's business acumen unreservedly."

" I was approached by a large ASX listed company interested in acquiring my business, they soon after presented an Offer. The business was substantial in itself, twenty one stores in two States of Australia and some two hundred staff. It was important to not only receive the best price and terms, but to ensure the staff were secure in their ongoing employment before a sale would be considered. I appointed DNA & Bob to initially review the offer and the conditions it included. Bob then suggested a much higher sale price and the negotiation of a complete revision of their terms & conditions. He assembled the professionals required and formed an asset sale team and commenced the process. This led to many long meetings over a considerable period, Bob stayed the course, was present at each and Chaired until a final outcome was reached. Bob’s professional approach, sound business experience & knowledge, his ability to calmly negotiate between both parties resulted in an outstanding result for myself. The resultant sale price, restructured property leases, different stock valuation methods all resulted in a very good sale outcome and an ongoing income for me. I have no hesitation in recommending Bob as one of the most professional and knowledgeable negotiators you could find. In fact I have been able to recommend Bob & DNA on several occasions already."

Francis Parnis , MB BS FRACP, Director ,
Adelaide Cancer Centre & Ashford Cancer Centre Research.

Jason Nagy,
Managing Director, Logic Plus Pty Ltd.

Nick Wickham, Associate Professor,
Consultant Haematologist, Principal Investigator, Haematology Trials,
Ashford Cancer Centre Research.

John F. Shaw , Managing Director & Owner (previous) ,
Northerns Plumbing Supplies.